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Lemon Chrysoprase Dragon Carving


Weight: 50-55 g
Depth: 20-25 mm
Width: 50-55 mm
Height: 35-40 mm

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Lemon Chrysoprase, A variety of quartz, eases depression, sexual imbalance and fertility. Relieves impracticality. Stabilises blood pressure and relieves bleeding.

Chrysoprase, chrysophrase or chrysoprasus is a gemstone variety of chalcedony (a cryptocrystalline form of silica) that contains small quantities of nickel.

Chrysoprase is a delightful stone of the green ray. It has metaphysical properties for healing as well as being a stone to attract new love, abundance and prosperity.

Chrysoprase is a #GreenColored gemstone variety of chalcedony. While emeralds get their green color from the presence of #chromium, the bright, spring green color of Chrysoprase is a result of the presence of nickel.

Chrysoprase is a #strong detoxifying stone. Eliminates waste from the body, as well as the mind, #stimulating the #Liver and #encouraging the body to rid itself of poisons.

Chrysoprase helps you to see the Divine Truth, and helps with depression and anxiety, has strong metaphysical properties for healing

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 60 × 50 mm


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